3/8″ Pea Stone


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Description: Self-settling aggregate, requires no compaction. Offers a different aesthetic option for drainage. Stones are naturally multicolored (not dyed) with smooth edges. There will be some colour variation because the stones come from the quarry.

Recommended Use: Pea stone can also be used as a permeable paver for pathways or driveways.

Pea stone is an attractive stone often used for above ground applications. It can also be used to border walkways or as a decorative filler around stepping stones.

Delivery options: Bulk deliveries are only available in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas.


Driveway Drop Spot: In order for our drivers to place your product in the correct spot in your driveway, please mark the drop spot with an “X”. This allows our driver to have a clear target when backing up. We really appreciate having a clear target to place the product.


Truck Capacity Limits:  Dirt Cheap has several different delivery trucks to accommodate the various needs of our customer base. For Bulk Deliveries, we have Split Bins which have 2 separate compartments on the same truck. This allows our drivers to come with both products in one delivery, however keep in mind the overall capacity of the load is still the same and maximum weights and volumes still apply.

Our online ordering allows you to order 2 products at the same time, however if you have very large quantities, it may need to be delivered in two trips. We will always do our best to deliver in the safest and most efficient manner but heavy large loads may require 2 products to be delivered separately. Thank you for understanding.

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