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Description: Contains a mixture of high quality composted products (leaf and yard materials), aged bark fines, horse and poultry manure and mineral topsoil.

  • Best option for Planting seeds, bulbs, vegetables or flowers
  • Formulated for maximal root growth
  • High organic matter
  • Balanced for pH, water holding capacity and air porosity
  • Ideal for new beds, amending existing soils, topdressing

Recommended Use: This all purpose black garden soil is ideal for starting new flower and/or vegetable gardens, amending existing gardens, and topdressing your lawn. Most nutrient rich of our blends.

Delivery Options:

  • Available in full and half yard quantities in Bulk, Mini-bags and Tote delivery options
  • 1 yard = 25 bags
  • 1/2 yard = 13 bags
  • Conveniently sized mini-bags delivered to your driveway or straight to your garden
  • Bulk yard(s) available in Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph & surrounding areas
  • (Additional delivery charge applies to Bulk products)

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Bulk (loose) + $85 Delivery, Mini-bags – 25 bags – Driveway, Mini-bags 25 bags – Driveway, Mini-bags – 25 bags – Garden + $35 extra, Mini-bags – 13 bags – Driveway, Mini-bags 13 bags – Driveway, Mini-bags -13 bags – Garden + $20 extra, Tote – 1 Yard – Delivery included, Tote 1 Yard – Delivery included


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