Yard Operations

You can find Jon at the helm in one of the heavy equipment machines somewhere in the yard. He isn’t a desk guy, he’s a dirt guy and he loves it. His infectious smile and easy temperament have allowed him to grow his little bagged soil business into an established local Kitchener area employer.

You’ve likely seen Dirt Cheap trucks come and deliver products to customers all over the city. We thought you should know what happens before your soil, mulch or aggregate gets loaded into the trucks. We offer 3 different delivery options to customers – Bulk (loose), Mini-bags and Tote bags and if you aren’t exactly sure which one is best for your project, these pictures might help give you a better idea.

The physical labour required to do this work each and every day sort of speaks for itself.  Our team is comprised of committed, hardworking strong folks who care about doing the best they can each and every day. Have a look and meet the Dirt Cheap team. Remember, as our slogan says,“leave the dirty work to us”!


Dirt Cheap has become an established supplier of garden and landscape products to customers in the KW region.  Muscle and sweat aren’t enough these days – having well-maintained, reliable machinery is essential. This kind of operation requires MANY different machines – or “Big Kid Toys” as some guys call them.

For safety reasons, we are unable to let customers go on “walkabouts” so we decided to let you see some pictures of the yard as we go about the daily routine.

We want you to see how much the Dirt Cheap Team loves what we do. We want you to know how much care goes into every order that comes your way.