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Dirt Cheap offers 3 Delivery Options, not just one.

Bulk (loose soil, dumped in your driveway)

Driveway Drop – Standard for Mini-bags & Totes.

Placed neatly in your driveway, you mark the drop spot with an X

Totes (large bag, placed on a skid in your driveway)

Mini-bags – due to weight constraints, not all products available in Mini-bags

Additional Delivery ServiceMini-Bags ONLY

Straight to Your Garden

where to buy mulch

If you’re too busy to drive around hauling dirt, then consider our Straight to Your Garden delivery service.  For a small additional charge, we place 2-3 Mini-bags every 8-10 feet in the area you select.  The name says it all, we deliver “Straight to your Garden”, you just empty the Mini-bags and play in your garden.



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