What is Bulk Delivery?

Dirt Cheap’s full fleet of medium and large size trucks deliver loose Soil, Mulch or Aggregate right to your driveway.  Bulk is available in quantities of 1/2 yard or more, depending on the weight of the product.

Bulk deliveries are loose product. Our drivers literally back up the truck, raise the hoist and let your Soil, Mulch or Aggregate fall in a pile. You mark the preferred spot in your driveway with an X (two sticks, chalk, tape) or lay a tarp down to show the driver where you would like it dropped.

If you have large overhanging trees or any wires, our driver may have to dump in a different spot for safety reasons. City bylaws also prevent us from dumping on the street as we can not block Emergency Service Vehicles.

If you would like to combine different products into 1 delivery, our Split-Bin truck can easily accommodate this. (Weight and Volume maximums apply) It’s a great way to order both your Soil and Mulch or Aggregate. Depending on the quantity you require, we have the fleet to handle your order. Each of our trucks have different weight restrictions so give us a call and let us help you with your combined order.