What is Bulk Delivery?

Bulk delivery means the product is loaded into our trucks and then dumped loosely in your driveway. There is no packaging involved. Bulk deliveries allow you to order larger volumes at a very affordable price.

Our trucks range in size and have varying load capacities. Each product weighs differently, our volume capacity for Mulch is more than Aggregate simply because Aggregates are very heavy. For this reason, we have different sized boxes in our trucks. Whatever your requirements, Dirt Cheap can bring and deliver your materials.

Please note that bulk deliveries are only available for Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph regions. If you need a Bulk Delivery, select this option at checkout. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Step 1: Create New Bulk Order

When you order a Bulk delivery, the delivery fee is per product, NOT per yard. For this reason, the charge is added at the checkout.

  • Bulk Delivery   (1st product) = $85.00
  • Bulk Delivery (2nd product) = $55.00

2 products to the same address? No problem.

Our Split-bin truck  has 2 completely separate compartments. This allows us to bring 2 different products in one truck – see Matt pointing in our picture to the right.  If you order 2 products in the same delivery, the driver dumps the first load, then moves ahead and drops the second in a different pile. Since we have a divider in the truck box, both materials are kept completely separate.

Step 2: Prepare for Safe Bulk Delivery

First and foremost, safety is the most important factor always.

Low-hanging wires or tree branches? If you order a bulk delivery, the truck box needs to be raised high enough for the material to fall out. If there are wires or tree branches overhead it’s best to give us a heads up first so we know what to expect. Usually we can just drop it in a different position but it is always best to double-check with us. We appreciate your understanding.

Step 3: Bulk Delivery Drop-Off

Basically, our driver backs the truck to the designated drop spot – (it really helps if you mark the spot with an X so he can line up the box.)  We are careful to avoid blocking access to garages and walkways so don’t worry about that, just have all your vehicles out of the driveway to make it easier to maneuver the truck.  Remember these drivers are OUR drivers and quite frankly, they are terrific and skilled at what they do.

When the spot is lined up, the box is raised and the tailgate opens to let the material dump in your driveway. There are several pictures showing what a bulk drop looks like and all are different amounts.