Jon and Ana Weiler started Dirt Cheap as a local operation over 11 years ago. They started small and kept it very personal. Together they built their little Garden Supply business one customer at a time with a just a simple flyer delivered door to door. Slowly, word spread and the first year netted nearly 50 customers. They shoveled products into burlap potato sacks and hand-tied each one using bailer twine. They personally delivered the soil and mulch in their minivan with nothing but muscle, sweat, and smiles along the way.

Several companies offered delivery of soil and mulch to customer driveways, but not every customer was able to deal with the heavy labour in moving products around the property. Some customers were unable to do the physical labor, some customers just did not have the time. Let’s face it, gardening is loads of fun but also very labor-intensive and physically demanding. Over and over again, customers kept saying “I love to spend time in the garden but I just can’t do all the lugging anymore”.  Jon knew that there was a huge market for an added-value delivery business of gardening products – and the Straight to the Garden delivery option was born.

There are many stories of Jon and Ana building their small local Dirt delivery business into an established Landscape & Garden Supplier to the K-W region. What really matters is the team – all the people behind the products and all the work that goes into bringing them to your driveway and garden.  Ask anyone in the yard, in the office, the drivers or our long-time customers – the Dirt Cheap team is comprised of terrific people who love the work they do.

Dirt Cheap is not just about the product. The entire business, the focus, and philosophy are all about how customers are treated each and every day.

Service Excellence is not the goal, it’s the standard to which the Dirt Cheap team holds themselves accountable.

If supporting local business is important to you – know that the trust you place in the Dirt Cheap team is very much appreciated.  Sometimes things do happen – but when it does, the team steps in and does their best to make it right.

Whatever your garden and landscape needs, the Dirt Cheap team is ready, willing and able to help.

At the heart of our business, are the 5 Core Values by which we as a team hold ourselves accountable.

Excellence, Customer Service, Accountability, Innovation and Generosity.