Driveway Delivery

Dirt Cheap’s ‘Driveway Delivery’ service is the traditional delivery option for all our products which includes Bulk, Mini-bags and Totes.

Bulk (loose) offers a single and two product option in one delivery. Our full fleet of trucks in various sizes allow us to bring larger volumes for those with medium to extensive sized projects.

An $85 delivery fee is added at checkout, and for the 2nd product (if applicable) a $55 delivery fee is added at checkout.


Driveway – delivery is included

Straight to your Garden – additional $30 / yard, or $17.50 / half yard


Delivery is included in the price of the Tote. The large bag is placed in your driveway in the spot you indicate on your order. Please be sure to keep your driveway clear of obstructions and allow access for moving the Tote into proper location.

When you place your online order, simply enter your address and briefly describe where you would like them placed in the delivery instructions. (Standing at the end of your drive and looking at your house- would you like it on the Left, Middle or Right side of driveway?)  Our delivery drivers will place your material in your preferred spot on the driveway–  just mark an X the spot you would like them to be placed.