How to Mulch Around a Playset:

Step 1. Create A Perimeter Around the Playset:

You want to start by creating a boundary around the playset. Typically a distance of 6 feet around each structure and 12 feet of the play area by the swings on both sides. This allows enough room so that if a child falls further than the playset, there will be some surface area to cushion their fall.

Once you’ve determined your safe distance, create a frame using wood or rubber landscape timber. This will help with making sure that the mulch stays within that area. Otherwise, it will be all over the place and you really don’t want that.

Step 2. Measure the Height of Playset to Determine Fall Height:

Now, what you want to do is measure the height from the platform of the topmost deck, that your child/ren can stand on, to the ground. This is your fall height. The recommended height of the mulch is 9 inches. But, to be on the safe side, you want to put down 12 inches of mulch because, over time, wood chips tend to pack down and deteriorate.

Step 3. Remove All Grass, Plants and Other Debris Inside the Perimeter:

This is a necessary step in order to make sure that nothing grows through the mulch. This can cause some issues with pests and rotting of the mulch. So, you want to make sure that you start with a clean dirt area.

Step 4. Lay Down Weed Fabric:

Weed fabric, also known as landscaping fabric, is an eco-friendly fabric that is laid down right before you put down the mulch. The fabric is porous hence, it helps the moisture and heat escape from the ground.

Step 5. Fill in With Mulch:

This is the final step. Fill the area you’ve created around the playground with mulch. These can be wood chips or other materials, discussed below.

If you are using wood chips, make sure that you do not pack them down. Just set them on top, loosely. As your kids play, the wood chips will start to settle and pack down anyway, so no need to help it along.