It is almost time for your garden to blossom and become your oasis. Some gardens are entirely practical, providing fresh food for a family, while others are purely decorative, providing a radiant view for admiring neighbours or guests. However, there’s no reason your garden can’t accomplish both! There are many cost-effective ways to transform a space.
One of the biggest trends recently has been repurposing and upcycling. Items that have once been loved then trashed are making their way back into our homes, and more importantly our gardens. There are a few ways in which you can repurpose items to make your garden more unique and beautiful.

  1. Get a piece of furniture you love and plant flowers in it. Some people have used chairs, while others have used a desk with the drawers pulled out or a wheel barrel. Either way, flowers burst out creating whimsical projects.
  2. Whether you’re an art lover, a sports fanatic, or a shoe lover, you can incorporate your passions by bringing them into your garden. Use instruments or sports equipment to hold up vegetable vines.
  3. Use atypical containers. Instead of simply using your regular potters, find a vintage suitcase, toolbox, mug, chest or lunch pail to plant some of your favourite plants or herbs.
  4. Collect cement blocks or bricks, and decorate them or leave them plain to use in your garden. They can add height and texture to your garden. Simply stack them and grow plants in them.
  5. Plant a mixture of flowers and vegetables in your garden. Repurpose a space to incorporate a variety of bold and bright colours.
  6. If you have a tree stump in your yard, you can easily turn it into a planter, table, or chair. This is an easy way to add character to your garden while adding purpose to the stump.
  7. Use jars filled with coloured sand or stones to divide different vegetables from each other in the garden.

Any of the above and your own personal flair and creativity will bring character to your garden. Make sure however that your choices bear in mind the most important thing, which is that the plants are still getting enough sunlight, water and the proper soil to grow strong.