Mini-bags make life EASY! Straight to Your Garden!

When we say “leave the dirty work to us'”, we mean it!

‘Straight to Your Garden’ is an added delivery option for Mini-bags of Black Garden Soil and all Mulch products.  We take the physical strain away – all you have to do is open and empty the bags yourself.

Dirt Cheap’s dedicated delivery team will place your Mini-bags of Black Garden Soil and Mulch directly to your flowerbeds in manageable (50lbs) bags. All you have to do is open them and start gardening! Our friendly service and quick deliveries will bring the fun back into your gardening projects.

Dirt Cheap’s ‘Straight to Your Garden’ service is part of what makes our business unique in the industry. As a consumer himself, founder Jon Weiler came up with the idea as a way to take the ‘backbreaking work’ out of gardening and provide added value to our customers. It’s been a huge success over the years and continues to be widely popular.

If you’re interested in our ‘Straight to Your Garden’ delivery, select this option at checkout.

(Sorry, Topsoil, Triple Mix and Aggregates are too heavy for Mini-bags.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!