Custom Bagging

In the past, we’ve worked with local municipals and shopping centres to help them complete big indoor or rooftop installations. This is a complicated job and there aren’t many companies with the infrastructure in place to offer this unique service. Dirt Cheap can make up custom blends through our suppliers and provide custom printing jobs on the bags.

If you’re a larger organization looking to undertake a big garden installation, then you should consider this custom bagging service from Dirt Cheap. We will deliver all bags to your worksite in a timely and efficient manner. Our service team will ensure the product always meets your exact specifications. Let us take care of the dirt!

This option is ideal for organizations like:

  • Nurseries or gardening centres looking to brand their products
  • Shopping centres or malls
  • Condominium or other residential complexes
  • Regional municipalities

The custom bagging service is not available at checkout, so please contact us directly if you’re interested in this option!

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