Recommended Use:  Total Lawn Replacement or Lawn patch repair

Fresh Sod is cut specifically to order so you get the healthiest lawn possible. Excellent option for homeowners wanting immediate results.

For best results, remove old lawn and level out ruts and valleys with 1”-2” Triple Mix soil to help new sod roots to establish.

Remember, sod roots establish much quicker than weeds so its best to prepare the ground well before laying.

Watering: Water twice per day in morning and evening. After watering, gently lift the back corner of the newly laid sod and check the back of the sod roll.

Continue watering  until the back of the sod roll is damp to ensure roots are moist.

Note: Order sod the SAME DAY you plan to lay it. 

Delivery options: Sod is delivered in 10 Sq Ft Rolls which are very neatly stacked on a skid. Our delivery truck will offload the skid and place it in your driveway.

Prices include delivery for Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge -Local delivery only