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It’s a struggle that many Canadians are familiar with: how to keep your garden looking colourful and healthy all year round. While most of our outdoor spaces look their best in the late spring and early summer months, they often end up looking grey and dull during the fall and winter.

While our cold winters and changing seasons don’t provide ideal climates for all kinds of plants, there are a couple of ways that you can turn your garden into a beautiful area all year round.

Plan Ahead

Before you go out and buy hundreds of bulbs and plants, it’s best to plan ahead. Take this opportunity to clear out your garden and dig up anything you don’t want in your new garden plan. Plan some spots for evergreens to really define your space.

Prioritize Your Seasons

While the goal is year-round colour, decide which season(s) are most important to you. Late summer and early fall may take priority because you can still enjoy your garden, and spring is up next because it helps us get out of our winter funk. Your mid-summer garden will require less maintenance, while a winter garden can come alive with winter-flowering plants near your kitchen window or front door.

Choose Plants for Each Season

The key to year-round colour is to make sure you have a good selection of plants that flower at different points in the year. If all of your plants flower in the early summer, you won’t have much of a garden by the late summer.

Bulbs for Spring & Summer

For spring and summer, bulbs are your best option. Plant snowdrops and crocuses for February through March, and spring favourites like tulips and daffodils for April through May. In June, alliums are ideal. These types of flowers look best in bunches, so be sure to plant enough to make an impact.

Perennials for Late Summer & Autumn

Your options for late summer and fall-flowering perennials are wide-ranging. Look for echinaceas, asters, verbena, Japanese anemones and other late-flowering perennials. Plant them all together so everything blends and you have a nice selection.

Shrubs & Evergreens for Winter

Shrubs and evergreens add some much-needed colour and texture to a winter garden. They add structure during the warmer months and provide you with colour in the winter. While evergreen trees and bushes are a great option, they’re not the only option. Look for flowering shrubs like dogwood and pussy willow for some distinctive colour for your winter garden.

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