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At Dirt Cheap, we specialize in supplying high quality dirt and mulch to our customers. With that being said, we don’t produce our own product. Instead, we buy it from a third party. This allows us to focus on bringing product to our customers’ gardens and running our warehouse. Many people may wonder where exactly a business can get high quantities of dirt and mulch.

It is important for us to use Canadian suppliers, so we get all of our product from local suppliers. We only choose suppliers that produce high quality, organic materials for a variety of horticultural needs.

Additional to producing high quality organic products, our suppliers are committed to protecting the environment. Many of their products were originally by-products from things such as sawmills and are being reused as mulch. Their compost is made by using leaf and yard waste collection materials.

By purchasing our dirt and mulch supplies from local suppliers, it benefits our customers in a few ways. First, they can have peace of mind that they are supporting the Canadian economy by keeping their money in the country. All of the products are made in Ontario, so we know they will be good for our Ontario gardens. They also receive high quality product that has been produced in a way that is sustainable for our environment.

If you have questions about our product and its origins, feel free to ask a Dirt Cheap team member!


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  • Jasumathy Nana

    Do you deliver to Bramalea? What are your rates for vegetable garden soil with delivery?

  • helga thiessen

    Are your mulches certified organic? What about the dyes used ie. ‘red’ mulch?

    • dirtcheap

      Good afternoon. Thank you for inquiring about our mulches. All of our enhanced mulches are done so with Natural Iron Oxides. The colourants are specifically formulated to be non-toxic to plants and animals. Our mulches are not certified organic. Our supply chain for mulches are based in Ontario and very reputable for quality. All our mulches are made from virgin bark and wood fibers.

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