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Whether you live in an apartment or you’re just looking to add something different to your garden or patio, container gardening is a great choice! It’s also a great way to get into gardening if you’re new to it. Container gardening is easy if you follow these steps.

• Big plants should go in big pots. Do some research about your plants and how big they are likely to grow before you decide on a pot size.
• If a plant takes a long time to mature, plant it in a large pot.
• Plants that produce “fruits” (like tomatoes and peppers) need more soil and nutrients than greens, like lettuce and kale.
• Don’t overcrowd your containers. Plants can be planted closer in pots than in the ground, but overcrowding will lead to unhealthy plants.
• Make sure you’re watering them enough. They’ll need more water than a garden because pots dry out more quickly, so keep them evenly moist.
• Make sure your pots have drainage holes.
• If your patio, deck or balcony has partial shade, stick to herbs and greens. Container plants need lots of sun.
• If you’re growing containers on a roof, make sure they’re protected from the wind with lattice or another kind of windbreak that won’t cast shade.
• Use a light potting mix, mixed with rich compost.
• Fertilize often to make sure the plants are getting the nutrition they need.
• Make a list before you go out and buy plants so that you’re not overwhelmed by the choices.
• Plant flowers and other plants that do well together, and that require the same amount of sunlight and water.
• Save your plant tags, especially if you are just starting out; it will help you care for your plants until you’re a bit more comfortable with gardening.
• Sometimes your plants will die, and that’s okay. The more you plant, the more you’ll kill, so don’t let it get to you.

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