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Most of us assume that gardening is reserved for spring and summer – but you can have a beautiful fall garden too! Follow these fall gardening tips from Dirt Cheap in Kitchener to get a stunning fall garden.

• Colour

The key to a beautiful fall garden is colour. While summer gardens are easy with all of the flowers and greenery blooming at that time of year, you have to be a little more focussed about colour when it comes to your fall garden. Check your local nursery for native plants that either flower in the fall or have beautiful, bright fall foliage.

• Tend to the leaves

While a few leaves here and there isn’t going to damage your lawn – and is actually a great way to add some nutrients to your lawn – a huge pile of leaves is something to avoid. After the leaves have finished falling from your trees, be sure to clean them up by composting them or taking them to your local landfill

• Clean up

By this point in the year, you probably have some plants that are starting to die off, whether they’re vegetables, flowers or other plants. Take some time to clean up anything that seems like it’s past it’s best, and add it to the compost pile. Just make sure not to add anything diseased to your compost. If you’re growing fruits like apples, clean up any that have fallen on the ground so that they don’t harbour any diseases or pests over the winter.

• Take care of pests

It may seem like pests are off your radar by this point in the season, but taking some preventative measures now can actually help with pest problems next spring. Take action against pests like slugs, whose eggs can overwinter and hatch in the spring.

• Protect plants from frost

Any gardener knows that the first frost can cause major damage to some of your plants. Whether you choose polyethylene fabric or a simple burlap, covering plants, vegetables and containers before the frost can extend their life through to late fall.

• Prepare for spring

Nothing gets Canadians through a long winter like looking forward to the spring! And all of the beautiful spring flowers we love, like daffodils, tulips, alliums and crocus all need to be planted in the fall. Be sure to plant these bulbs when the night temperatures are still around five to 10 degrees Celsius. You can protect your bulbs from critters by covering the soil with mulch or chicken wire.

• Move indoors

If you’ve kept any houseplants outdoors over the summer, start bringing them in before the days start getting too much colder. You can prevent pests from coming in with the plants by spraying them with an insecticidal soap a few days before bringing them inside.

Do even more fall gardening and get planting this season with some of our recommendations for what to plant in the fall!

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