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With all of the soil products on the market out there, it can be overwhelming. We’ve made it easier for you to choose the right soil product for your garden or project!


Topsoil is exactly what it sounds like – it’s the upper layer of soil. It’s quite heavy, and doesn’t contain anything other than pure soil. Topsoil is best used under sod, but isn’t the best option for flower beds. It’s also useful for filling in holes in your lawn or as a base for a new garden bed.

Triple Mix

Triple mix is a mixture of three types of soil: topsoil, manure and peat moss. Triple mix can be used as a top dressing and is perfect for the garden. If you have clay-heavy or sandy soil in your garden, triple mix will break it down and provide a good balance.

Black garden soil

Black garden soil is rich with nutrients. Along with regular soil, it’s blended with black loam, peat loam, manure and mineral soil. Black garden soil’s high levels of nutrients means it’s perfect for flower beds and vegetable gardens. It’s also great for seeding your lawn, because it provides the new grass with lots of nutrients.

We can help you choose the right soil product for your garden!


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