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Avid gardeners know that the spring months are essential for establishing your garden for the summer. Take care of some of these spring gardening tasks so that you can have your best garden yet!

• Remove anything you’ve used to ‘winterize’ your garden and store it away for next year
• Get out your garden decor out to add some colour
Sharpen pruners and loppers, as well as mower blades
• Check your garden for signs of growth
• Prune fruit trees and shrubs before buds start to bloom
• Evaluate any stonework that may have shifted over the winter
• Clean up dead leaves from your flower beds with your hands to prevent damaging perennial shoots
• Divide your perennials before they’ve started to grow
• Evaluate your spring blooms and make notes of any empty spaces you can plant more spring-flowering plants next year
• Turn the soil; it is likely to be flat after months of snow
• Plant hardy annuals
• Put down mulch now to prevent weeding in the summer time
• Deadhead spring-flowering bulbs after they’ve bloomed and let the foliage die back without removing them
• Set up plant supports for certain plants to grow up, not out
• Plant summer bulbs, like dahlias, in pots before the ground is warm enough for planting
• Add compost to flower beds
• Hook up your hose and make sure there are no leaks

And of course, take a moment to enjoy the wonder of new growth in your garden!

Find out what you should be planting in your Kitchener garden this season!

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