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If you’re a beginner gardener, gardening can seem overwhelming. But with these quick tips, you’ll soon be a pro!

1) The quickest way to get overwhelmed with gardening is to take too much on at once. Start small so you can easily learn how to control weeds, pests and disease and how to keep plants watered. Once you’ve got those basic skills down, you can start to expand.
2) Try to avoid walking on the soil in your established garden, and instead create paths between flower beds. Don’t work your soil when it’s wet, and try not to overwork it into a powder.
3) Mulch is your best friend when it comes to preventing weeds, keeping the soil moist and maintaining soil at the right temperature.Mulching is an easy way to keep your garden healthy without much effort.
4) Make sure to water your garden deeply and regularly to encourage the plant roots to grow deeper in the soil. The best time to water your garden is in the morning, helping to minimize fungal disease.
5) Plant native plants as much as possible to ensure your garden has fewer pests and disease problems. Native plants will thrive, giving you more gardening confidence.
6) Keep your garden low maintenance by cutting back on the amount of fertilizer you use and the amount of pruning you do. As long as plants are watered and get the sun they need, they should do well on their own schedule.

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