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I hope everyone’s week is going well!

The Dirt Cheap office has been very busy taking orders and scheduling deliveries this past week.  The middle of April is when all the fun begins as our deliveries start heading out to our customers.  It has been a tough start in terms of dealing with what Mother Nature has thrown our way, but we are confident and excited to start our deliveries and open our Pick-up Depot.

One of the questions that I hear from many customers is “How do I naturally prevent weeds from growing?”

This question depending on whom you may ask can lead to many different answers.  In my personal experience the best way to keep weeds from sprouting is to have a good defense, which means starting with a good quality soil and using mulch.

All of the soils that we carry are organically heat-treated, which means any potential weed seeds will be killed during this process.  Starting with a healthy weed free soil is very crucial and can save you hours of unnecessary work.



triple mix image

Another easy way to help with the fight against weeds is to apply 3 inches of mulch to your gardens.  Mulch won’t completely stop weeds but it will prevent weeds from germinating and growing.  Mulch is also great for reducing water loss in your gardens as it slows the rate of evaporation and improves water absorption.  Mulch is also used for protecting plant roots from hot and cold temperature extremes and sudden fluctuations, which is very useful living in Canada.



We are going to be at the Oakville Lifestyle Home Show this weekend, click HERE for more information.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that you may have.


Have a good week everyone.

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