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It may still feel like the dead of winter, but spring is just around the corner. If you’re itching to get out into your garden, here are a few things you can do to prepare it for spring.

Start planning! If you want to plant new beds and new plants, planning ahead is important. You should know how much spacing each plant needs, especially if you’re planting a vegetable garden. Don’t forget about other important factors such as making sure your plants will be getting adequate sunlight or shade. It is always a good idea to order seeds and plants from nurseries before the busy season begins.


You can also take this time to re-pot any indoor plants you have. They’ve probably been sitting in the same soil since autumn, so they’ll need it.


Prepare your soil for spring. Take advantage of milder days when there isn’t too much snow and rake the soil in your flower beds. If the soil has thawed, break it up so that new plants will be able to reach the nutrients.


Do some pruning. Certain plants need to be pruned before their new buds start to develop, so make sure you know what each of your plants requires.


It’s also important to prepare your garden tools before the spring. You probably haven’t used your sheers all winter, so they’ll need to be sharpened. Dust off your potting table and start setting up a space for potting in your garage or shed.


And…for those really cold days, when nothing else will do, settle into a good gardening book in your favourite chair. You’ll feel inspired for the new season!


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