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If you want your garden to look well maintained and in great shape, adding edging to your lawn is a great way to do that. And with so many options for lawn edging, it’s easy to find a look that you love.

  • Creating a border with brick around the edge of your lawn will show off your beautiful lawn and make it look well manicured.
  • Paved edging that meets the border of your garden creates an informal look and plants like lavender that stretch out over the paving really helps to soften the look.
  • If you have problems with soil spilling over into your lawn, try a wood edging around your flower beds to create a natural look.
  • A simple solution to lawn edging is to keep the edges of your lawn trimmed back where it meets the flower beds.
  • Combine brick and pebbles for a stronger border that can help keep your lawn under control.

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