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We know there are lots of options for mulch out there. But at Dirt Cheap, we believe that wood mulch is superior to all other mulches. Here’s why!


Wood mulch is great for weed control, because it prevents weeds from getting the sun that they need while also preventing them from pushing through the layer of mulch. And fewer weeds mean more soil nutrients for the plants you do want!


Having a layer of wood mulch on top of your garden will keep your soil moist for longer, and will mean you won’t have to water as much. The sun can’t reach the soil as easily, so it won’t dry out. This is especially useful when we get into the really hot summer months and have watering restrictions!


Wood mulch moderates the temperature of the soil, much like it does for moisture. In the summer, plants are kept cool because the mulch absorbs a lot of the heat from the sun. In the winter, plant roots are kept warm and protected from the snow.


Wood mulch will decompose over time (though not too quickly!), and the nutrients will be beneficial for the soil it covers. Wood mulch also has the benefit of creating a favourable environment for earthworms and soil microorganisms, making sure your soil stays healthy.


Wood mulch looks great, with very little effort! It will give your garden and landscaping a finished look while still maintaining its rustic character. And at Dirt Cheap, we have lots of options that will look great no matter what look you’re going for!


Wood mulch is one of the most affordable options for mulch, and you don’t have to compromise on quality!

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