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Depending on where you live, your soil can have different qualities. From sandy soil to acidic soil and soil with too much clay, it can be difficult for gardeners to work with the soil they have. But it’s not as hard as you think to turn your soil into healthy soil for plants!

1) Add mulch

Organic matter is the key to healthy soil, so adding a layer of mulch to your garden bed will give it lots of nutrients that it might be missing. Wood mulch, grass clippings and other organic mulches are perfect for improving your soil’s quality.

2) Keep it moist

Moist soil is healthy soil. Healthy soils contain up to 25 percent water, and it’s important that your soil is able to hold onto the moisture so your plants can reap the benefits. Organic matter will help improve your soil’s moisture, especially if your soil is very sandy.

3) Let your plants get the air they need

Like moisture, air is essential for healthy soil, and healthy soil is 25 percent air as well. Keep your soil well aerated to ensure space between the particles. In addition to organic matter, be careful not to step on your garden beds or compact your soil too tightly to make sure all of the microbes, earthworms and other soil life get the air they need.

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