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Is your grass looking less than lush? If your lawn is experiencing one or more of these problems, find out how you can fix them.

• Grass won’t grow on a slope – Try more regular deep watering if the slope is hot and dry.
• Bare patches – Reseed the bare patches in spring or early fall by raking and sprinkling with grass seed, keeping the area moist for the next few weeks.
• Lack of sunlight – Consider lawn alternatives like shade-tolerant ground covers, or even try converting that area into a gravel path.
• Consistently thin grass – Test your soil to find out if the pH levels are off balance and if your soil is missing any required nutrients.
• Crabgrass – Few people know that crabgrass is actually a weed, and it can start taking over your lawn quickly; try cutting your lawn longer and try to water your lawn less frequently.
• Brown lawn – A brown lawn is often caused by a fungus that occurs in mid-summer. To combat it, water your lawn in the early mornings and water deeply, allowing the lawn to dry out throughout the day.

If you think the problem is with your soil, not your grass, check out some of our tips for identifying common soil problems.

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