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Need some help planning your backyard landscaping? While there are lots of options to show your personality through landscaping and use landscaping to increase the functionality of your space, there are a few basic elements you should follow for great landscape design.

1) Unity – Decide on a theme for your garden and design it around that. Use similar rocks or pebbles to line your pathways, and group together plants with similar heights and textures to get a cohesive look.

2) Line – You can use lines to connect areas and separate your outdoor space into different uses. In landscaping, pathways, hedges and flower beds are where you will see lines, and you can use straight or curved lines to get the look you want.

3) Form – The shape of the plants and trees you use in your garden will decide the form of your landscape design.

4) Texture – Just like in interior design, texture can add a lot of variety to your garden. Look for plants with different texture to create visual appeal.

5) Colour – Pay close attention to color when choosing the flowers for your garden, but also consider pieces like garden decor, fences and planters for adding colour to your space.

6) Scale – Mix tall bushes with low-lying plants to create scale in your garden, and work with the structure of your home to compliment it without overwhelming it.

7) Balance – Choose whether you want your garden to be asymmetrical or symmetrical. Symmetrical gardens tend to look more formal.

8) Variety – Variety is the spice of life – especially when it comes to your garden. Look for variety in texture, colour and form to create a beautiful outdoor space.

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    Thanks for sharing this ideas it is really help planning to backyard landscaping.

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    These ideas are very helpful to plan a backyard landscaping. you have shared lots of options about great landscape design.

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