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One of the best reasons for landscaping your garden is all of the functional benefits it can provide. One of these functional benefits is privacy; here’s how!

1. Trellises

Growing plants on a trellis provides a privacy screen while still allowing light and air through. They’re also great space-savers. Trellises can be used on porches and decks, and the best plants to grow are clematis, honeysuckle and morning glories.

2. Hedges

Hedges are very versatile, as they can be any height you want. They are also perfect for any sized space. Make sure to choose shrubs and bushes that won’t grow larger than you want to save you time on pruning. If you’re looking for year-round privacy, choose evergreens.

3. Trees

If hedges are too high-maintenance for you, some small trees can provide a good privacy screen as well. Look for magnolias, flowering dogwoods, Japanese maples and other similar trees, and make sure to get a good mix of sizes for a more natural look.

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