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With our hot Ontario summers, it can be difficult to conserve water while keep our gardens healthy and happy. Try some of these really simple tips while still maintaining a beautiful, lush garden!

1) Keep your soil healthy

By adding organic matter to your soil, you can help improve its structure, helping it to retain moisture. You can also add mulch to your flowerbeds so they don’t dry out as much during dry spells.

2) Don’t overwater

Always check your garden’s soil a couple of inches deep. If it’s damp, you don’t need to water it. Often just the top layer of soil will dry out, especially in the sun, so it’s important to check a little deeper before watering. If you know there isn’t going to be any rain in the near future, try to water your garden before the drought sets in, and water plants in the evening when it’s cooler to reduce the amount of water that gets evaporated.

3) The right amount of water

Different types of soils need different amounts of water. If you live in an area that has sandier soils, you’ll need to water more often than in an area with clay based soils.

4) Consider the types of plants you’re planting

If you’re really concerned about wasting water, plant flowers that need less water. If your garden gets a lot of hot, afternoon sun, planting things like lavender, palms, verbena and others will mean having to water less.

5) Consider different watering techniques

You have lots of options for watering your garden. If you have a larger lawn and unplanted areas, use sprinklers. Use hoses and watering cans when you have specific areas that need to be watered. This limits the amount of water you use and makes it go exactly where it needs to.

6) Collect rainwater

It’s very simple to collect rainwater, which you can then re-use for watering your garden. Divert your drainpipe into a large barrel to collect rainwater!

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