If you love gardening but not the upkeep, it’s easy to create a low-maintenance garden that you can enjoy! Follow our tips.
• Start with container gardening
• Make sure plants and pots are within reach to make watering them easier
 Keep things simple and cut back on plants if you’re finding it overwhelming
• Choose low-maintenance plants and hardy perennials
• Encourage native insects, birds, frogs and other critters as these help to maintain your garden for you
• Add mulch to limit the amount of weeding, watering and maintenance you have to do
• Prioritize elements and plants that you love about your garden and cut back on the rest
 Use mulch, compost and other soil fertilizers instead of having to buy plant fertilizers
• Plant pest-repellent plants like marigolds, nasturtiums and chives
If you’re starting out with containers, read these tips for successful container gardening from Dirt Cheap in Kitchener!
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