If you want your lawn to look great this season, it’s probably going to require a little bit of elbow grease and maintenance. Whether your grass was damaged by the cold winter weather or by pesky bugs, here’s how to properly seed a lawn.

Prepare Your Lawn

Before starting to seed, you’ll have to prepare your lawn. To do this, start by working the soil to loosen it up. Remove any weeds or rocks that you come across while working it. Grass seed won’t take to soil that’s already compacted, so this is an important step.
Use a shovel and a hand rake to loosen the soil. Try to loosen a layer about 4 inches deep.

Improve the Soil

Next, it’s important to make sure your grass seeds will have all the nutrients they need to grow. Add some new soil or compost in a layer on top of your prepared soil. Next, mix it in thoroughly with the rest of your soil. Rake through once more to make sure you’ve removed any large rocks or pieces of wood.

Seed Your Lawn

With your lawn prepped, you’re ready to seed. Make sure you know what type of grass will work best for you, and follow instructions that come with that particular seed for how much to use and how to sow it.

Maintain Your Lawn

Once you’ve seeded your lawn, your job isn’t done. You’ll have to keep your soil and seeds damp at all times, but make sure you’re not soaking the area so much that the seeds wash away. If you’re concerned about the seeds blowing away, consider adding a layer of straw mulch to the top.
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